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The north wind howled and shrieked across the Sea of Echoes as the bitter winter unleashed its fury upon the kingdom of Arcadia. A mysterious ship lists dangerously in the water, her tattered sails flapping loosely in the gale. A mighty crack was heard and the ship seemed to scream in the night as her starboard side was torn asunder by the treacherous rocks that lurked beneath the water. A deafening crash heralded the end of the quarterdeck as it was smashed relentlessly against the blackened cliffs, sending splinters flying in all directions. The sea swelled and caught the ship in its grasp, tearing her apart before the waves of the tempest finally threw her remains against the jagged rocks of the bleak Arcadian coast.


    Morning came and all was calm. The winter storm had blown itself out and there was no sign that it had ever been except for the splintered remains of the vessel and the still, sodden bodies of her crew that littered the beach. All were dead.


  Except for one.



A stranger has arrived in the Clowder of Grimalhame, a stranger not of this world who has an even stranger tale to tell.  The fire cat and his friends must help the stranger find his way back home which is easier said than done as there is magic and trouble afoot.


  And what of the mysterious island of Viritantia and the Pillars of Maion?


  Under the command of the wildcat chieftain Maddock ‘Mad Dog’ McRednoch and Clowder Mother Winnowyn Longwhisker, the fire cat sets sail on the Gala Nereida and beyond the boundaries of Arcadia on a time-travelling adventure through history, an adventure beyond his wildest dreams.


  But with a secret assassin on his tail, can the fire cat help the stranger find his way home safely and change the course of history all at the same time?


While The Pillars of Maion is not an illustrated book, I have produced illustrations for it, mostly character studies. I will be adding to the gallery ad infinitum so long as I keep on getting inspiration for characters. There are also places and things that relate to the Island of Viritantia in a separate gallery. 

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