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Suddenly, Starhawk stopped dead in her tracks. The fire cat, lost in thought, walked straight into her. She was tense and had an odd, glazed expression on her face, as though seeing something that the fire cat could not. He watched her for a few moments, and then she came out of her reverie.
Her eyes, now wide and fearful, focused fully on the fire cat.
“Run. Now,” she urged as she set off at a sprint into the mist.


Something evil has found its way into the magical world of the Far Pavilions – something so powerful and deadly that it has the potential to tear a hole in the very fabric of reality. The fire cat must leave the relative safety of the Clowder of Grimalhame and embark on a terrifying journey that will take him beyond the arch of time and ultimately face-to-face with the unearthly force that threatens to destroy his world.

With the Far Pavilions on the brink of war and his people teetering on the edge of destruction, the fire cat must call upon all his courage and self-belief to find a way of defeating this terrible enemy. Can he save his people and his own soul in the process?

And deep below the earth, a creature is stirring …



The Dark Portal is the third book of the Fire Cat Stories and follows on from Dance of the Fire Cat and The Ocean Lord.


Rowanberry weighed his words carefully before speaking. "Sometimes," he replied, when we are faced with fear and danger, we react in ways we never thought possible. You will never know how you will react until that situation is upon you. The spirit is a strange and wonderful thing and sometimes you will call upon resources you never thought existed and find strength you never knew you had. You doubt yourself too much and do not give yourself credit for your achievements. You are a remarkable creature; you just need to accept yourelf for who you are and that. my brother, is one of the hardest lessons of all to learn."


Rowanberry Longwhisker.

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The Dark Portal is available from or any online retailer.

ISBN: 978-0-9569048-4-3

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