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Music I have created. Some of it is merely personal taste, but some inspiration has been taken from the natural world, my experiences being in nature, and from my own world of Grimalhame and beyond. The process of creating music is new to me (although I did used to play piano many, many years ago). I am thankful I have this extra layer, this extra dimension, in which to bring my own world to life.


My very first track "Oystercatcher". It was my first attempt at creating music in this way. Inspired by where I live by the sea (and there are oystercatchers here too), it is a track created to mark the beginning of an ending, and the beginning of a beginning; the letting go of an old life, old ways, old expectations, and letting them be washed away by the sea. In order to live, parts of us must be let go of, for nothing new can take its place. 

It can be a dark, lonely time. But to in order to be found, one must first become lost, and sometimes we discover things about ourselves we never knew existed. Like music, for example. In order to reconnect with others, expecially those we love and care for, we must first reconnect with ourselves, heart and soul. 

"Skylark" is a personal track, one which was inspired by an element that brought something new into my world. It is in recognition of the things that come in from the outside that change you, the west wind that blows new thoughts, dreams and aspirations through you, new perspectives, and the things you can't always put into words. It is when "thank you" just isn't enough.

"Orion" is based on the Jungian idea of the Hero's Journey, the one that all those who are seeking a better and more enlightened existence must undergo. Sometimes it is a trip into the Underworld, sometimes a journey to the stars. Whatever it is, it is unending, eternal. It is not the destination that matters, it what we gain, what wisdom and personal power we attain, along the way. 

"Blackbird". A track I created while thinking about where I needed to be. Life has its dark and twisting turns, and sometimes we can't always see the light. We can't always see hope. We can't always see the good in ourselves. And yet here I was making music for no other reason than I wanted to share it with others. Life can kick us when we are down. It can seem like all we care about seems so far away from us. But there will always be a little bird that sings a song of hope in your heart even on our darkest of days. The trilling of the Blackbird at dusk that says "the night may come, but so must the dawn also."

"Roads". The start of something but we don't quite know what, that urge to move forward from the rut we are in. Like Marty McFly, we sometimes find ourselves in a place where nothing seems to be going right. Until something comes along and changes everything. We all have choices in life, choices to which road to take that will affect our future in one way or another. The future is not written, but the road we choose to travel can make a hell of a difference. 

"Chaos Theory" is an track to my younger self, the kid who didn't want to be a hairdresser or a film star when she grew up, but wanted to be a singer in a punk band like Johnny Rotten. The little girl who's dreams were, for a long time, just that, before the nightmares came. But that little punk kid never grew out of wanting to break the mould. So this is a track for the Outcasts, the Outsiders, the Misfits and those who choose to go their own way.

"The Maiden Voyage of the Gala Nereida" is the first of the musical tracks to come directly from my books. From the yet unfinished (but still being written) second novel and fourth of the Fire Cat stories, it is the soundtrack to the departure of the Gala Nereida from the shores of Arcadia back to her place of origin. The name Iskalia comes from the name of her sister ship, a Class A Imperial Warship.

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My second track "Homecoming of the Geordie Soul" is an song to the self, the feeling of coming home to yourself after being away, being lost, for a long time. We can sometimes become estranged from ourselves, become disconnected from ourselves and others.

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