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Dear friends, greetings and salutations from the most ancient and magical Clowder of Grimalhame. “What and where is Grimalhame?” I hear you cry. Well, all will be revealed in this little book I have compiled.  I would like to take you on a guided tour of our part of the cosmos and tell you about all the wonderful things we have here in the Far Pavilions and in our forest home of Arcadia. You already share your world with many kinds of feline beings but you may not be familiar with Grimalkin society. Grimalkins, like yourselves, have a huge range of abilities such as healing, medicine, nature-craft, magic, art and music, as well as being the custodians of ancient history and traditions.

  Grimalkin society in the Far Pavilions differs to Grimalkin society in your world called Earth. There are no human beings in our world and so our way of life has changed little since time began. But this book is especially for you, my human friends, to give you glimpse into the mysterious and complex world of the Grimalkin. We are esoteric creatures, highly attuned to nature and the Great Mother Goddess and our lives are governed by the seasonal cycles, and the movement of the stars, moons and planets. We revere all that is natural and aim to preserve our precious world as well as the ancient stories passed down to us from times of Old.

  We are all connected in the great Akashic Web of the cosmos even though the vastness of the Great Divide separates us (104 light years in fact!) and I am able to translate the history of our culture through the Universal Language – the language all beings understand.

  I do hope you enjoy your stay in Grimalhame. Sit down and settle yourself on a comfortable tussock in the shade and I will tell you all about our lives in the wonderful Clowder of Grimalhame.


Yours by Star and Stone,

Imeldra Moonpaw,

Clowder Historian and

Deputy Clowder Mother of Grimalhame

My book will contain all you wanted to know about the Clowder of Grimalhame, the culture and customs of Grimalkins, our festivals, way of life and, of course, our beautiful countryside.Complete with illustrations and diagrams, I will take you on a guided tour of our home and beyond to the satellite clowders of Amaterasu, Tharsis and Siluria.

 I hope you will enjoy the book but, until you purchase your copy with your money-coin, feel free to visit my page and take a look around the maps section to see what you can expect. The page Clowder of Grimalhame (continually being added to) will give you a sneaky peek at our home and The Wandering Grimalkin will, after it goes live soon, introduce you to the Grimalkin who made the mapping of Arcadia possible.

(last updated 19th February 2021)

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