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Clans of the North page.jpg

Clan Braeblackstripe

  A  grey and blue wild boar statant on a white field. Motto: justice by sword and spear.  Laird Thenghri Braeblackstripe is also known as the Wild Boar of Anshar because of his size (a full head bigger than the tallest Wildcat, Maddock ‘Mad Dog’ McRednoch) and his fearlessness and tenacity in battle. The wild boar itself, and the legendary battleswine (which can grow to seven feet long and weigh up to a ton), roam the vast tundra of Anshar, fearing no-one. Peaceful when left alone, but dangerous when angered, the wild boar has been the symbol of Clan Braeblackstripe since Wildcats inhabited Anshar before the time of Leptailura and the treaty of Diera and Thangrill Skyfyre of Tharsis.

Clan McRednoch

 A red stallion rampant on a yellow field. Motto: by land and sea, no quarter.The clan of McRednoch is the second most dominant clan in Anshar (after being defeated many generations ago in the inter-clan wars by the Braeblackstripes). The red stallion comes from the wild mountain horses that roam eastern Anshar – wild, dangerous and impossible to tame. Unlike the miniature Arcadian Mountain horse, the wild horse will attack rather than retreat so was aptly chosen to represent this most fierce of clans.

Clan McLonnachclaw

  A gold eagle spread on a brown field. Motto: tae listen, tae watch, tae ken. The eagle of McLonnachclaw clearly shows the eastern origins of this clan. Originally, Clan McLonnachclaw hails from the eastern side of the Great Arcadian Mountain Chain. At some point in the distant past, the clan moved slowly west, travelling between the mountain chain and the southern Cordilleras. This clan is known for its diplomacy and has often acted as arbitrator and peacemaker, especially between the clans McRednoch and Sprucetail.

Clan McClawnock

  A black crow spread with three northern stars on a light blue field. Motto: stand fast and fear not.  Renowned for their plaid-making skills, the McClawnocks have provided the clans and septs of the north with some of the finest garments known to Grimalkins. Not only does this clan specialise in tartan-weaving, it also makes the finest Arcadian pipes, sporrans, skean dhus and weapons, especially claymores and seaxes. Not one for engaging in inter-clan warfare without good cause, the McClawnocks would rather say home and make things.

Clan Sprucetail

  A black raven spread with knotwork design on a white field. Motto: no mountain too high, no valley too broad.  Not known for their peacekeeping skills, Clan Sprucetail is better known for its long-standing feud with the McRednochs. It has been going on for so long that even they can’t remember how it started. Moreover, neither does anyone else. The Sprucetails have been known (when they are not bickering with other clans) to take to the sea occasionally. Not the only clan to sail, the McRednochs have also been known to put out to sea. It is thought that perhaps this battle to rule the western sea resulted in the bitter feud that has claimed countless lives of both McRednochs and Sprucetails alike over the centuries.

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