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Dance of the Fire Cat


A Tale of Grimalhame


"Dance of the Fire Cat" is a creation myth of how cats came into being according to cats. It is set in the magical world of the Far Pavilions and tells the story of how the fire cat created the race of Grimalkins in the First Days. It is the first of the fire cat stories and an introduction to the most magical Clowder of Grimalhame, the home of the Grimalkins (or cat-folk). It is a prophetic tale - many things foretold in the story of the fire cat's creation that come to pass many years into the future. The story is "narrated" by Imeldra Moonpaw, the Clowder Historian.

The Ocean Lord

Book Two of the Fire Cat Stories


In the Celestial Court of the Great Mother Goddess, the Supreme Council of the Higher Spheres is called to session. In the Far Pavilions all living creatures are so interconnected that it is as if there were a fine silver thread woven through all of creation. It is not difficult, therefore, for the enlightened to discover when something goes deeply amiss. Facing impending catastrophe, Winnowyn and Rowanberry Longwhisker, the Clowder Elders, call upon the fire cat and send him on a mission to find a cure for the mysterious illness afflicting the Clowder and the creatures of the Great Arcadian Forest. The fire cat sets out on a journey to find the Ocean Lord, the source of all wisdom. He must go beyond the shores of Arcadia to Kaldivari, the kingdom of the Tiger Lords, and to Tharsis, Land of the Fire Mountains. With the Clowder in grave danger, he must face his greatest fears, travelling beyond the boundary of death itself in order to save his kin. Can he find the Ocean Lord, the Source of all Wisdom, before it is too late?


Available Now

Strange, Fantastical and Unusual Creatures

A field guide for the cryptozoology student and features the more exotic and less well known of the creatures of Arcadia and beyond. Translated from Old Grimalkin to Universal Language by Imeldra Moonpaw, this book is a must for any student with a fascination for the more stranger beasts which which we share our home.


Imeldra Moonpaw's

Most Ancient and Magical

Clowder of Grimalhame


​Join Imeldra on a magical tour of the Clowder of Grimalhame and across the kingdom of Arcadia, home of the Arcadian Forest Cat, or Grimalkin. Learn about how the clowder functions, it quirks and it's history. Everything you wanted to know about Grimalhame and the Grimalkins who call it home.

The Dark Portal

Book Three of the Fire Cat Stories


The Dark Portal is set soon after the fire cat returns from Kaldivari, the home of the Rhatha Khan and the Ocean Lord, and begins with autumn. The Dark Portal begins, as ever, with a mystery, albeit, a most gruesome and disturbing one. But as the fire cat and his companions try to solve the mystery, events take them down a much darker and more sinister route. Little does our hero know that, by taking the path into the unknown, he will face his greatest challenge yet, throwing all he has ever known into confusion and doubt. He is about to confront the thing that could potentially tear his world, and his soul, apart. However, the fire cat is not alone in his perilous task.

World of the Fire Cat Colouring Book


Welcome to the wonderful world of the Far Pavilions, home of the fire cat and the magical and most ancient Clowder of Grimalhame. The illustrations within this book have been specially adapted for you to colour, images and designs taken from Dance of the Fire Cat – a tale of how the fire cat, Grimalkins and the Clowder of Grimalhame came to be, and The Ocean Lord – the story of how the fire cat saved the clowder from a mysterious sickness and made a few memorable friends along the way.


Pay Imeldra Moonpaw a visit and discover a little more about the most ancient and magical Clowder of Grimalhame


Artwork of Angela Russell-MacGillesheathenach


Find your way around with these useful maps

Around the Clowder


Discover more about the Clowder of Grimalhame and the various objects and curiosities around our home.



Learn about the Houses and great families of Arcadia.

The Old Grimalkin Book of Thalaig


Learn about the faith and beliefs of Grimalkins with some words of wisdom from our most venerable elders of days past. (work in progress).

The Old Grimalkin Book of Hours

The Old Grimalkin Book of Hours is a compilation of observances, quotes and sayings written by Grimalkins for Grimalkins. The Book has a pearl of wisdom for every hour of the day, from simple acts of kindness, to the devotion of the Hour of the Holy Mother. Written with health, wealth, and happiness in mind, the Old Grimalkin Book of Hours offers both instruction and advice for the mind, body and soul. Whether one is religious, has faith, or no faith at all, the Book of Hours gives the reader a sense of place and time and, most importantly, comfort in the knowledge that, no matter how dark your days may become, there is always light.Wherever there is life there is hope.

The Grimalkin Oracle has been in production for some time but due to other book commitments, it has been on hold.  Some of the cards have already been created and the guide book is now in the early stages of being written. Hopefully it should be completed within the next two years as there are many illustrations that need to be created from scratch.


The oracle cards created so far feature illustrations from Dance of the Fire Cat and The Ocean Lord, as well as mixed media and digital images relating to the books. All of the cards relate to the Clowder of Grimalhame and the world of the Fire Cat.

Music by Iskalia

Inspired by Worlds Within and Without.

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The Clowder Gardens


Take a stroll around the beautiful, and functional, gardens of the Clowder of Grimalhame and learn about the various plants, herbs, and what they are used for.

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The Clans of the North


Travel north beyond the boundary of Arcadia to Anshar, Land of the Wildcats, and discover more about the Clans of the North.

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The Wandering Grimalkin


Follow Dion, the Wandering Grimalkin, on his travels and learn more about the country surrounding Grimalhame.

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Clowder Life


Visit the Clowder Life page and find out more about the life of the everyday Grimalkin and their day-to-day lives at Grimalhame

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